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"First Impressions" Drabbles

Lots of 100 word drabbles and two 300 word ficlet. Enjoy!

  I know about Popular

As a daughter of a rich tycoon family such as the Drews, Sydney was raised knowing the importance of first impressions.  It wasn’t just about who you know, but how you know them, and the way to a successful deal was made through designer outfits, the right poise and a pretty smile.


But nothing could prepare Syd for this first meeting.


“Cadet Carson, this is your new teammate, Sydney Drew…Carson?  Is there a reason for you having…something--”


“Maple Syrup, Sir.”


“—In your hair?”


“Ah…my waffle maker exploded?”


Something told Syd, her new Prada bag would not impress Bridge.


Who can say that I have been changed for the  better?

“Your friend’s sick.”


“What do you care?” twelve year old Z Delgado snapped.  “We have no money, so get the hell away from him.”


“He’ll get worse,” Piggy countered, “Its winter…he needs medicine.”


“I can’t…I don’t…” Z struggled.  “I don’t know what to do.”  She tightened her grip on a feverish, unconscious Jack.


“Hey wait a minute, don’t cry….oh alright. Listen, let me take him. I know a clinic.  They’ll help him out.”


Z looked suspicious. “Why are you helping us?”

Piggy stared at the innocent face of the fourteen year old Earth boy in his arms.

“I don’t know.”


I know that I have been changed for the better…..


At 127 (Earth years) old, Kat Manx had more than a century of experiences.  Moments of inexplicable joy and heartrending sadness; genocide, terrorism, massacres...and also weddings, laughter, celebrations and interstitial moments of all of these emotions.  She’d seen comrades die and friends laugh, saw the foundation of a new hope created in a tiny forgotten planet in the furthest reaches of the galaxy.  She’d experienced her first steps on another world, her first breaths on a planet not her own, had her first taste of Earth foods; cakes, hotdogs, catnip, cola, peanut butter, toast.


But even one as old and alien as Kat had yet to experience this.  This wiggling, shrieking, terrifying experience.


“Ah…I’m not sure this is a good idea.”


“Oh Kat. Its not like he’s an atomic weapon.  He’s just a baby, Dr. Manx.”


Baby. Human baby.  So completely and utterly different from the adults Kat had interacted with; so much more alien than anything else on the backwards planet.  Kat held him as far as possible, ready to pass the baby back to his mother at the first moment.


Baby. Talc and mild soap; a hint of plastic from a diaper.  Soft cotton jumper.  Lighter than a standard photon rifle, with the dimensions of a Sirian planetary striker missile.  Completely hairless; save for the blond tuff that topped the softest skin Kat had ever touched.  So fragile, helpless, defenseless; small and lonely.  Wonderful.


“He likes you.”


Kat liked him too.


“We named him Schuyler Tate.”


Named for an ancestor Kat never met in a tradition Kat still didn’t quite understand. The naming of things. New things.  A baby named (in Kat’s mind) for the strange atmosphere of his planet; the mixing of oxygen and nitrogen, and Kat’s first Earthen experience of blue.


“I think we’ll call him…Sky.”


Hello, Hello

When Aisha initially asked Adam to visit her in Africa after nearly a decade of phone calls and wistful emails, Adam had jumped at the chance.  He had a job, therefore a steady paycheck; what was there to stop him from seeing his best friend?


He was now regretting his own enthusiasm.




“Oh God there’s so much blood!” 


“Jesus, will you look at that?”


“Shut up, you’re not helping.”




“Push lady, push!” 


“I can’t…”


“Yes you can, come on now just a little more….I see a head!”


“Sweet Jesus--”


Adam glared down at the other passengers, silencing their annoying commentary. Beside him a nervous stewardess stood with a look of horror on her young face. Feeling sorry for her, Adam gave the woman a gentle nudge.  “Calm down, and hand me another towel will you?”


Nothing could compare to this. Not Zedd or Rita’s monsters or anything Tommy threw his way.  Everything paled to this moment, where the universe shrank to encompass Adam, the woman in front of him and the feeble wetness that suddenly slipped into Adam’s waiting hands. He expertly cleared the infant’s throat and mouth with his thumb and waited, completely breathless. He felt the moment when life seemed to begin when the newborn gave its first gasp and surprisingly loud wail in the still air of the airplane.

“Congratulations. It’s a boy.”  He held the miracle for a moment longer before handing him to his mother for the first time.

“He’s…he’s beautiful.  My baby boy. My Bridge.”

Adam grinned as he sat back, exhausted, on his heels.  Somehow, the name seemed to fit the infant, who felt strangely and inexplicably familiar to the former green ranger, even when they were literally meeting for the first time. 


“Bridge Carson. It’s a good name.”


Caring is Creepy


“You are officially unrelated to me.”


“How can I be unrelated to you?  I’m your twin!”


“It doesn’t matter!” Vida snarled.  “I can’t believe you would turn down Inland Invasion for a babysitting job!”


“I made a promise to this family before you mentioned the concert, Vida. Come on.”


“Fine, go. I promise you’ll regret it.”


“You’re so stubborn!” Madison sighed before grabbing her car keys.


Five hours later.


“You look terrible,” Vida smirked, wearing her new RHCP t-shirt.


“I did regret it.”  Madison moaned. “I have met the three year version of Satan. His name is Jack Landors.”


All I Really Want is Girls

“Jason, why are you hiding under the jungle gym?”


“Billy!” A trembling hand suddenly dragged the tiny boy to the floor with unintentional roughness.  “You have’ta help me!”


“Are you unwell Jason?  Fatigued?  Or are you injured--”


“I have COOTIES, Billy!”


“I am unaware of this disease--”


“I touched a girl!  It was an accident! Her, right there!”


“Kimberly Hart?” 


“Yeah her.”


“I am afraid I don’t understand, Jason.  But I can introduce you to Kimberly if you like--”


“No! COOTIES!”  Jason gave his classmate a wide eyed stare before bolting away in fear.

“Kids,” Billy sighed.


People are Strange


“I don’t understand how you Yanks watch this.  Baseball is wicked boring!”


“Its because Maddie loves baseball; it’s about as all-American as she is.  Besides she’s bringing along a friend that you’ve never met.  He’s almost as weird as you.”


“Hilarious.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a double date.”


“Good thing you know better.”


“Ow! Geez Vida, that’s so unattractive when you beat up on men like this.”


“Shut up Xander!”


“Ah, hey sis.”


“Oh hey Maddie!”


“Vida, the guy next to Maddie…is he wearing chain metal armor?”


“Yup. Xander Bly, meet the famous Chip Thorn.”


Like the Lonely Moon

He was always observing, distanced from his charges by age and space.  He didn’t belong in their complex little worlds so he drifted, always keeping a watchful eye on the littlest ones.


Today he was focused on one particular teenager.  He watched as the teen braved the crowds to find a safe spot at a nearby table.  Usually he just observed.  But this teen felt different and she looked like she needed a friend.


“First time to the Juice Bar?  The first one is always on the house. I’m Ernie.”


“Ah…thank you,” the young girl blushed. “My name is Trini.”

*In case anyone is wondering, Inland Invasion is a summer concert here in California.
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