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Welcome to KK's grand master list of her fanfics.  I will do my best to ensure this list stays as up to date as possible.

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Title: After the War
Fandom: Power Rangers Mystic Force
Challenge: None (except in my own mind O.o)
Warnings:Post-MF, Post "Once a Ranger" teamup and thus spoilers, contains depictions of hetro and homosexual relationships and one OC child character (GASP. OH SHI--)Also my Aussie might sound more fake!British and I do apologize for that. ;_; PG
Dedications/Thanks to: angel_negra, Caladan , wild_force71

Summary: Five years after the war for two worlds, a 23 year old Xander struggles with love, identity and adulthood.

Its bittersweet for me to know/the fever’s taking over/ the status of my fears soars/I’m wagging a war/a war in meCollapse )

Title:Why Not
Series: SPD
Challenge: Possible PRSW-22, prompt 4-commitment. I'm still debating it.
Warnings: Slash. Post Series, established relationship.  The SPD regulation quoted is modified fraternization code from the US Military.
Rating: G
Dedication: Written for shurimon  as a thank you for making the spandex_report  its lovely banner. Sorry this was over a month late. 
Thanks to: itsbuttery for the beta and angel_negra for kicking me in the ass. A lot.

Summary: Ten reasons why Bridge/Sky could never work...from Sky's perspective. OR Sky is an idiot but we love him anyways.

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Title The Wrong Story: Three Alternate Universe Relationships That the B-Squad Boys May Or May Not Had
Fandom SPD
Warnings Jack/Bridge, Bridge/Sky, Jack/Sky, f/f (surprise) Homosexual relationships, allusions of sex, crudish humor.

This is a series of AU drabbles I wrote for scifislasher and shurimon. They know which are which. Because one of the drabbles makes an allusion to another series of stories co authored by Scifislasher and I, I have lj cut each of them so you can skip em. Explanations for the last story (The Wrong Universe) can be found here.

The Wrong Gal (Bridge/Jack)Collapse )


The Wrong Color (Bridge/Sky)Collapse )


The Wrong Universe (Jack/Sky)Collapse )

This is a drabble gift for shurimon for being so generous  as to make buttons and icons for the community, rangers_daily.  I kind just realized that the pairing (Bridge/Sky) and prompt (Rainy Day) she asked for also matches one of my prsw22 challenges....Hmm...I might just tweak this slightly and throw it up there later.  Maybe.  When I stop feeling like crap.

Can't be arsed to get this betaed. Will format properly when I give a damn.

Title: Rainy Day Picnic
Fandom: SPD
Warnings: Slash, ya tool.

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Title: Untitled
Series: SPD
Challenge: prfic100, prompts Shine, Friendship, Devotion and Stolen Kiss
Warnings: Nongraphic depiction of homosexual relationships with multiple partners, aka threesome.
Rating: PG for one "muck off" comment. :)

A/N: These were written for Kiri, who was having a pretty bad day. She requested fic with the SPD boys so I decided to borrow situations from her Jack/Sky/Bridge series (aka The Trio).  All you need to know is that in this universe all three boys are in a relationship and they co-exist together with a cat named Kit who likes to make random attempts to escape from time to time (can't figure out why she'd want to ever leave, yesh). 

Not Beta'd as I wrote these rather quickly in between pouts of research for my next paper. -_-

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Title: Balance
Series: SPD
Challenge: Dogpile_30, Prompt: Gravity
Warnings: Suggestions of multiple partners, hetro and homo.  OT5 ya doof.  Don't likey, don't bother me.

Summary:  In a crazy relationship with four other people, Bridge learns to embrace the meaning of his name.

Title: Fine
Fandom: SPD
Rating: PG-13 for use of the  F-bomb.
Disclaimers: Very light Het (Bridge/Z) if you squint and are a romantic at heart. Not beta-ed.
Author's Notes: Post Endings.  Written forangel_negra, who requested a story with Bridge comforting a stressed Z.    Thanks to littldvl for her suggestions and ideas.  ::hugs::

Summary: Even after all this time, Z still doesn't know how to admit that sometimes she needs help.

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Title: Sweet Cherry Pie
Fandom: SPD
Fic Challenge: 30_dogpile  , Ashley's theme, 23 Pie
Rating: R
Disclaimers: CRACK FIC. Bridge/Syd/Jack (eventually). Het, slash (somewhat) and sexual thoughts about pie. <.< >.>
Author's Notes: Thanks to Kiri for the beta. :) This is a bit of a filler fic...that has a lot pie filling in it. GET IT? Filler fic? Pie filling? BWA HA HA!  :: dodges tomatoes::

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